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We recruit, screen, and ensure compliance with your school, so that we can provide you with the best match possible.

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  • The peace of mind you deserve!

    In order to provide the highest quality staff members that will meet your needs and expectations, we conduct a rigorous screening process for both our staffers and our clients.

    • Quality

      To guarantee compliance with your school, we recruit and screen each applicant and their credentials so that we can provide you with the best match possible.

    • Affordable

      Our prices are affordable and meet the industry current market rate.

  • How we work?

    Complete a personalized profile online to help us gain an understanding of the environment, the position, the culture, and the future opportunities your school is offering.

    • Request

      After your facility has been fully vetted, you can begin requesting temporary and permanent placements in real time and on demand.

    • Interview & Finalize

      Our staffers are throughly screened prior to being entered in to our applicant system. You have the option to select a candidate in real time and on demand or request for a placement specialist to coordinate the placement for you.

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  • Our hiring process

    In order to be considered for a placement position. Each potential applicant must complete an online application and successfully complete the advanced selection process.

    • Smart Mission

      Our objective is to make a perfect match the first time and not the scond time around. To meet that objective, we individualized the screening process.

    • Simplicity

      The individualized screening process allows us to make swift and accurate placements in real time and on demand.

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