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Placement Process

We believe in order to provide the highest quality staff members that will meet your needs and expectations, we must conduct a rigorous screening process for both our staffers and our clients.


It is our goal to determine what our client’s requirements and expectations are and then find a staffer that fits your criteria. This process is implemented to ensure that we can provide you with outstanding customer service, and locate the ideal candidate to provide loving care for your children.

Placement Process

The Placement Process


  • All clients will create a personalized profile online. For Families, this will help us understand what type of care you are looking for, where you need care, how long you will need care, and what characteristics are important to you in selecting a caregiver. For Child Care Facilities, Businesses, and Hotels, this will help us gain an understanding of the environment, the position, the culture, and the future opportunities you are offering.


  • We conduct a face-to-face conversation and a site tour before determining if we will take your facility and or family on as a client. These include high profile clients requiring immediate attention and children with disabilities that may require extra care and/or special accommodations. Posh Nanny & Premier Educators will gladly fill your request and do whatever we can to make you feel supported in this process.


  • Posh Nanny & Premier Educators take pride in our Needs Analysis. We are the only staffing company that takes the time to understand fully our staffers and our clients. We conduct a Needs Analysis because we know how important the relationship is between a client and a teacher, or a client and child care provider.


  • We strive to find the ideal candidates for your job opening. Posh Nanny & Premier Educators will take the time to understand thoroughly what our clients are asking for based on their needs. After we analyze your requested requirements, we formulate a list of at least three potential candidates (if we have staffers available that match your needs) that you may select from to fill your position.


  • Posh Nanny & Premier Educators utilizes our Summary of Understanding tool to pre-screen potential candidates that have met the clients requested requirements. This process allows us to review resumes and filter candidates so you will only receive qualified, compatible staffers to care for your children.


  • As you examine the list of eligible applicants, it is paramount that you feel confident and content with your decision. Posh Nanny & Premier Educators will happily facilitate a meeting with the candidates so you may conduct an interview and ask questions. For your convenience; you choose the time, date, and location. We will arrange all the details.


  • Posh Nanny & Premier Educators is here to help you make the best decision for you, your family, and your business. We believe that a good fit is the key to a successful arrangement. That is why we take time on the front-end to ensure that we clarify the needs of our clients and then work diligently to locate the ideal candidate that will fulfill those needs.


  • Once you have selected your ideal candidate, Posh Nanny & Premier Educators will assist in creating a fair and favorable offer that suits both parties. Because of the Needs Analysis and Summary of Understanding, there should be no surprises at this point. Of course, we are always available to answer any questions you may have or to alleviate any concerns. Our primary objective is to ensure the welfare of your children, and for you to feel comfortable with the person you have chosen to assume such an important job.


  • Moreover, if any issues arise after the offer, Posh Nanny & Premier Educators will do the best we can to ensure a smooth process and work toward a resolution that pleases everyone involved through skilled, open negotiations.

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