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Posh Nanny & Premier Educators takes a more personal approach, setting us apart and above when making nanny placements for our LA. Families and surround communities

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We offer tools to help families locate nannies in realtime

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Discover how you can get ahead of the curve by working with an agency that can truly get you to where you want to be. Whatever you’re looking for and however qualified you may be, we’re here to assist you in landing your ultimate dream job. We will help you make the most out of your CV, and show you what recruiters are really looking for. Get in touch with us to find out about additional information about our Quick-Hiring.

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Our up-to-date information on the job market will help you stay in the know. Whether you are looking to find a full-time position, or a part-time gig, we know what it takes to succeed in a variety of industries. Make sure you are taking advantage of all that we have to offer, including our DBE Certified.

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We offer tools to help job-seekers and employers stay up to date on everything to do with the recruitment industry. Make sure you contact us to get the full details on our Competitive Benefits Package and how we can help you soar. Let us help you find the job or talent that you have been seeking, and get started on the path to success.