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How To Identify a Good Teachers Staffing Agency

For schools and educational institutes, recruiting is one of the most critical elements requiring the utmost attention to detail. The proper substitute teacher can create the base of education for a young child and help shape up the education system of a school. However, the process can be pretty cumbersome for schools because the pool for substitutes is enormous.

How do you make sure you've made the right decision? Various staffing agencies can help you in this journey. Here's what you should look for in a good teacher's staffing agency.


The first and foremost thing that can prove the efficiency levels of any staffing agency for teachers is the results they have received for their services. Since there are tons of such agencies in every town, you need to look at the statistics provided by them. Check the referrals they have received and other details such as the number of school partners they are associated with, etc.; they will help you identify their credibility.

Good Customer Service

Like all other businesses, the efficiency levels of a teacher staffing agency can also be identified by their customer service levels. This might be a secondary element for other companies, but it is primarily for teachers' staffing agencies and should be perfect. For instance, if you contact an agency at an emergency for a substitute teacher but can't reach them, this indicates lousy customer service, which eventually affects your performance levels.

Quality Individuals

While picking a staffing agency for teachers, another essential is the quality of teachers they offer to the schools. When you are developing your pool of substitute teachers, you need to have quality individuals who are trained at their job. A good staffing agency will always carry out some significant steps while creating its pool of options. This includes the mandatory screen process with background checks. Next is the development process for their teachers to polish their current skills.

Variety of Options

As a reputable institute, you need to make sure that you get plenty of options to make your pick from. Any good staff agency worth their money will have a large pool of dedicated and highly trained teachers. This includes individuals of different branches of the same agency accessible to you. The higher the supply is, the better your chances are of securing a trained individual to carry out the job.

The process of finding the right substitute teachers through a staffing agency can go very wrong if you don't have your priorities straight. Make sure your chosen is realistic with you and transparent in their proceedings.

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