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Hiring Process

We believe that to provide the highest quality placements that will meet your needs and expectations; we must conduct a rigorous screening process for both our staffers and our clients.

Because these are high-profile positions requiring contact with many key business people, children, and the general public, many hours are spent, and assessments are conducted to determine who would be the best candidate for the job. Your experience and education, combined with your enthusiasm for our cause, will gain you a spot as one of our staffers.

Phase I

Interested applicants must complete an online application. In addition, the application requires each applicant to attach a copy of their certifications and degrees. Information committed will prolong the screening process, which usually takes a minimum of 5-business days.


Phase II

Successfully candidates will move forward to our second phase of the screening process, which requires a phone screening. During this phase, candidates learn more about the agency and ask questions about placements and the hiring process. If the applicant phone screening is successful, they will transition to phase III of the screening process.


Phase III

A recruiter will interview the applicant. During this phase, the candidate's skill set and experience are assessed. The interview typically lasts for a minimum of 1-hour; however, each interview is individualized, and in rare cases, screenings are extended.


Phase IV

Congratulations! You made it through the interview phase; applicants must complete background screenings, training, and documentation for placement. Let the placement begin! 

Let's Work Together

We’ve been serving the communities throughout the US as a top Nanny Agency, and are proud to have helped hundreds of families find the right, capable care for their needs. It’s not easy to find a nanny or au pair on your own. It takes time, hard work... and lots of phone calls. We work hard to save you all that hassle and headache. We gather references, crosscheck CVs, offer enrichment and certifications courses, and conduct personal interviews with every candidate that comes our way. If you too are looking for a qualified and experienced professional, get in touch with us today and learn more about our rates and staff members. Trust us to take care of the rest.

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